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Loud secondary air pump

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My 97-528 SAP is kind of loud compares to my 02-530.
It's a fast loud thumping sound.
I think the air passage may have been clogged, but then again this maybe normal for 528.
How's every 528 SAP sound in the morning? Thanks for the feed back.
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I wrote the SAS Troubleshooting guide here:

FYI, the BMW TIS recommends that whenever you suspect a bad air valve, the following in that circuit needs to be replaced to avoid further troubleshooting:
1. Air Valve (average life is 100-120K)
2. Vacuum hose to Air Valve and to the Electric Valve.
3. Electric Valve (under Intake Manifold), here is a pic of the Electric Valve:


The Volvo people have been deleting their SAS system all the time.

Now if some smart people here can figure how to do the E39 SAS delete, that would be great!
Make sure your Air Valve is newish.
A bad Air valve will kill the new SAS Pump.
As I mentioned in other threads, the Volvo people have bypassed the SAS system using a diode.
If some geniuses from this forum can figure out how to do this on the E39, it'd be golden!

Here is the Volvo trick:

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