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Low beam headlight bulb not getting power

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Hi everybody,

I have a 2004 E46 325Ci with some sort of electrical problem in the passenger side headlight. I switched the low beam bulb, ignitor and ballast. None of those fixed the problem. I also plugged in the driver side headlight assembly into the passenger side wiring and it worked perfectly fine. That eliminates a bad fuse or bad wiring into the headlight. I'm thinking it has to be a bad wire or connection inside of the headlight assembly. Any ideas?
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I have had the same issue. Chances are from all the motion and the like the wiring has begun to degrade and is shorted. Most of the time this come from the bends and curves of the wiring going from the ballast to the ignitor. I'm not sure where you can a new get replacement wire harness from the ballast to the ignitor without spending coin for both parts, but I'd think that you could simply rewire it yourself. Maybe someone else will chime in with a better answer.
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