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Low beam is yellow

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Couple of days ago, my left low beam turned yellow.
Today start to flicker off/on.
Any idea what’s going on
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Flicker is indication HID is failing, trying to run on high voltage from the igniter rather than high voltage from the ballast.
I can tell any difference in these pictures from L to R. I don't see the yellow. Are these Xenons? or LED's? What year car?
it’s hard to show on the pic, if you look on the ground you will notice it better.
Those are factory bulb 2014 BMW x5
Not sure if they are LED or HID
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You have HID (Xenon) bulbs. As these age, they will change color, usually turning a pinkish/yellowish color. just replace the bulbs (both sides).
I thought I had LED not HID
"I thought I had LED not HID"
How many switches on the end of your turn signal stalk? (One equals HID, two equals LED.)
This is what I have.
Is it LED?
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That is your light switch. Look at the end of your your TURN SIGNAL stalk.
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