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Low Beam Strobe Lights

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Hello! I'm writing this post because of my E46 BMW 325I that's having a bit of an issiue. I was trying to use my lights at night and my Low Beams will flicker like a strobe light. Though the High Beams work just fine. I have been told by a mechanic that the bulbs were two different branded bulbs. I wonder if that could be why. But when they inspected it when I first got the car. They said they worked just fine. And they were right, slightly. See the lights are fine until the car starts to move. Then the lights strobe. If I turn on any indicators, the Low Beams stop flickering when any indicator lights are on. (Left/Right signal, Or Hazards) Here is the video of the experience of the night it happend. (EPILEPSY WARNING) Low Beam Flicker Now the one thing is. As you can see in the video. My dad in the driver's seat turns off the low Beams and tries to turn them back on. But nothing happens. But then at some point they end up coming back on when he tries again a couple times. Or he has to take the key out and try again. Not sure what's going on. Anyone have any ideas?
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