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2008 750Li, 101,000 miles

just began seeing yellow warning indicator that brake fluid was low.
checked, and if anything, a bit on high side (unless this should be checked cold?)
definitely due for a brake fluid change as I understand should be every two years but wondering if this would cause the low fluid warning (not the service light coming on)?
Assuming sensor could be bad, anyone change this before and is it difficult? And begging a bit more if you have link to correct part number/reference even better?

thanks in advance for any insight

UPDATE: found the sensor/cap, $42-ish, and even I could change LOL (still dont know if that is is)
2nd UPDATE: it would help if I read the warning correctly. could have sworn it said LOW. after doing a bunch of other unnecessary crap, I clicked into the warning (thinking it would let me acknowledge it or something) and now clearly see that is JUST warning me to change the fluid. DUH. what a dumbass......
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