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Low Mileage vs No Cost Maintanence for 4 Years?

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I'm sorry if this is redundant because I know parts of this were talked about the other day, but I forgot to ask about this scenario and whether the 2 year Brake Fluid Flushes and the 4 Year Coolant Flush are included in the 4 Year No Cost Plan on a low mileage car.

I'll only be putting about 5000 miles per year of all city driving averaging about 19 mpg on my just delivered 2002 325Ci w/ Steptronic. I plan to keep the car for my ususal 7 or 8 years and then sell it with about 40,000 original miles on it in the future.

Would $500 now to extend my 2002's No-Cost Maintenance Coverage make any sense in my case? My dealer has offered to extend it for $500 to match the 2003s but is not pushing it as explained below.

Also, since the OBC monitors fuel use, am I correct that I need to keep track of the production date and "ASK" for the 2 Year brake fluid flush and the 4 year coolant flush as part of the No-Cost program (if I upgraded to 4 years with regard to the Coolant)?

If all I'll get for $500 (to go to 4 years) is one extra brake flush, one more oil change, and the coolant flush with only 20,000 miles on the car at 4 years .... then it's probably not worth it as long as I get my Level 1 by the end of my normal 3 year program at 15,000 miles.

And if I get one set of brake pads between year 3 and 4 (assuming I do not need brakes before 15,000 miles or 3 years), then it it may be a wash with regard to the $500 up front upgrade cost.

Am I missing somthing here .... As I said my dealer is not pushing it as they know I'm a low mileage easy driver. On the other hand if I was going to hit 50,000 at 4 years (and drove it hard) they think it would make sense and I'd probable get two brake jobs and one set of rotors plus several Level 1's and maybe even a Level II.

Does anyone feel otherwise? .... it all seems to make sense to me ... but any opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks!:dunno:
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