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low speed whine problem?

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Does anyone else's '02 325i do this?

A lot of times after driving the bimmer moderately hard, I hear a whine while accelerating in the low speed range from stop. I have the steptronic and around 1st and 2nd gears, it whines but clears up when the car is going faster. The whine almost sounds like rushing air. I'm not sure what it is. The car sort of feels less powerful but that could just be my imagination since the usual engine noises I'm accustomed to are different.

Any ideas?
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i get this this low speed whine almost every time i start my car. It seems to go away after driving it for a while (eg: when i drove it to the dealer to have a tech listen to it - and it mysteriously disappeared by the time i got there). It happens on cold days, warm days, mornings, afternoons, full moons and new moons. There seems to be no problem other than it is this really high-pitched whine that makes me think i'm doing something wrong, but i would love to get rid of it. It even happens in reverse!:cry: It does go away as soon as i get into 2nd gear - i wonder if it would come back if i went right back to 1st - i think i tried that before and it did. :(
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