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Lumbar problem

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Well tonight I decided that I would try to take care of the lumbar in my drivers seat that does not work
When the round button is moved in any direction there is no response- no action - no humming or anything.
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Neither the pressure control valves on the left nor the pump on the right works which tells me that they are not the problem but it must be in the switch or at least upstream somewhere. I pulled the switch to look for obvious defects. Found non then reconnected the wires to it
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I have checked the fuse box and nothing is blown and from looking at the fuse card all seat controls are on the same fuse and the other seat controls work fine. I have inspected the wiring harness for obvious cut wires and found none.

I really want this to operate the way it should. How can I determine what is wrong.
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Hook up some jumper wires, pull 12 v from another source, and jump around the switch.
Thanks for responding. I will try this in the morning.
Well I have jumped around the switch yet but I did take the drivers switch and put it on the passengers seat and it works. I then brought over the entire passenger controls and plugged them in to the drivers seat and everything works except the lumbar so I must have been wrong when I said the problem was upstream. Any ideas?
I found cut wires!!! Leg Footwear Shoe Human leg

Now I just have to reconnect them with good solder joints and heat shrink wrap!!! I am so happy. I will have to wait for nap time though for my 4 young kiddos !
What a day it was! I finally have every little thing working on my baby!

I found cut wires to the drivers lumbar support - how in the earth did they become cut. It was a clean cut like from wire cutters- go figure. I have some photos of the very rewarding repair. Vehicle Car Vehicle door Car seat Transport

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This is the harness that goes in the seat back.
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Putting everything together with a piece of wood to protect the car.
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Everybody has found their mate and properly soldered.
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Heat shrink wrap shrunk with a hair dryer.
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The bundle wrapped in 3M tape. Electrical tape would have been fine but I am weird.
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My wife laughed at the state of car - I of course told her that I had everything under control :)
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