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M Coupe: 1999 vs. 2002

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Did anybody own a new M Coupe with 240 hp and sell it to buy a 315 hp version? I want an M Coupe and the 99s have started to get into my comfortable price range. However, I feel that maybe I should wait until a 2002 drops in price. I have read some magazines that say the older car was real nice on the street due to the gearing and torque but of course the 315 hp car would run away on the top end. Any thoughts from those who have driven the cars?
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Sorry, but AFAIK, there's no 240 hp engine in BMW's program. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

The 3.0 L which comes in the M-Coupe (which is called the Z3 coupe) has 225hp in US version (Source:Edmunds) and 231 hp in European version.

ALEX325i said:

Alex, as far as I know, US-spec M Roadsters and Coupes do have 240HP engines. The 02's have 315HP engines.
Check the Edmunds site. I didn't see an engine with 240hp. Maybe my bad.

The Z3 Coupe shares the same 3.0 Liter engine with the E46 330 (225 hp)
ALEX325i said:
Thanks Alex. Interesting, this engine doesn't show up in my BMW books. The early M engine (all Euro spec), which came in E36 M3 between 1992-1995 had 286hp, the one between 1995-1999 had 321 hp.

But the engine which you guys are talking about has really impressive performance figures, acc. to the Edmunds site.
TD said:

You're looking at the Euro E36 M3 motors. The US-spec S52 is the 240hp 3.2L engine that was in the US-bound 96-99 M3s (including mine). It has not as much HP as the Euro version but it has lots of torque, especially down low. So, compared to the Euro motor, the only place it really falls short is at the top end (where HP truly matters). And in the US, top end is far less relevent than accelleration (which is largely a factor of torque).

And I ran with one of those 240HP M Coupes on the track this weekend and that car is DAMN fast. The weight advantage is huge over my sedan, at least down the main straight where he'd just pull away.
I think, that would be a great engine to have in the E46. With a slight factory modification, that engine would have around 260 hp, which IMO, would put an end to the hp discussion.

What do you think ?
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