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M Coupe: 1999 vs. 2002

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Did anybody own a new M Coupe with 240 hp and sell it to buy a 315 hp version? I want an M Coupe and the 99s have started to get into my comfortable price range. However, I feel that maybe I should wait until a 2002 drops in price. I have read some magazines that say the older car was real nice on the street due to the gearing and torque but of course the 315 hp car would run away on the top end. Any thoughts from those who have driven the cars?
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It’s true that the current Z3 Coupe / Roadster does share the 3.0 liter engine with the 330s and the previous Z3 Coupe / Roadster shared the 328s 2.8 liter engine. The pre 2002 M Coupes / M Roadsters had the same 240 hp engine that powered the U.S. spec M3. The U.S. market finally gets the high hp 3.2 liter engines that the rest of the world gets in their M3s and M Coupes / M Roadsters. The M Coupe / M Roadster fans had to wait one additional year before they got the 3.2 liter engine. The M3 is stated to have 3.2L 333 hp and the M Coupe now has 3.2L 315 hp in the U.S. specs. The power is slightly lower in the M Coupe / M Roadster due to the exhaust layout.

Obviously the M Coupe is a car you either love or hate and I have always been in the love it category. It is a true classic in this age where even some great cars lack a real sense of individual style. It’s retro and forward thinking at the same time. I think it’s retro without over doing for the sake of being retro like the VW Bug and Ford T-bird. Anyway, I think I will wait until the 2002s drop in price to around $28,000 to $32,000 before I get one.
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Maybe I should just break down and buy this one for $27,500. Damn tempting. I just wish it wasn’t on the opposite coast.:cry:


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I think you are right blawkdawg. I have my 325 to keep me company until then :)

Thanks, I am anxious to see your full report. I live in the area and am interested in taking my car to Summit Point as well. I would have come out to watch but I really wanted to see the F1 race live. I may get in on the next school :D

By the way did BMW CCA membership help on the cost? How much did the weekend cost you?
Do you know if that weekend qualifies for a driving school required to get an SCCA racing license? I know that one must attend two courses to get a license but I’m not sure if they have to be more “serious” courses that require a track car with a roll cage. Those courses are much more expensive especially considering that you have to have you own prepped car or rent one.

I found it interesting when you said “Work 3 days and you get a free school day.”

I just happen to be in between jobs and have too much time on my hands, not by choice. Would you know whom I could contact to work for track time?

Thanks TD :thumb:
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