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M Coupe: 1999 vs. 2002

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Did anybody own a new M Coupe with 240 hp and sell it to buy a 315 hp version? I want an M Coupe and the 99s have started to get into my comfortable price range. However, I feel that maybe I should wait until a 2002 drops in price. I have read some magazines that say the older car was real nice on the street due to the gearing and torque but of course the 315 hp car would run away on the top end. Any thoughts from those who have driven the cars?
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I bought the 99///M Rdstr to hold me over until the 01 became available. The 99 is a CPO that I got in November 2000.
After getting the 01///M Rdstr (picked up at the factory during HC01), it was decided to keep them both.

They're both great cars, but if I had to choose just one, it would definately be the 2001.
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