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M coupe Sunroof Question.....

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if anyone has the BMW ETK software or some other kind of reference material, pls help -

Is the Sun Roof a one-piece design? or is it possible to order different components individually?

For instance, If my rubber seal/weather strip is showing age or wear and needs to be replaced.

Thanks in advance

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Gasket is available separately

Part number 51 10 8 411 998 $33.00 retail.
Thanks RON! you are the man!

of course now that I know I can get a new weather strip, the question on how to R/R comes up -

It seems like the weather strip is molded/glued/fused into the edge of the sunroof. I'm a bit to timid to yank as hard as possible.

I'll order one and talk to the parts dept guys and see what they think.
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