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M-mobility System

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The BMW Maintenance Program contained in the Service and Warranty Information booklet that accompanied my 2000 M Coupe specifies that the sealant cartridge in the M-Mobility System be replaced every three years. The unit has a label affixed indicating the sealant shelf-life expired on February 25, 2002. When I contacted my BMW dealer's Parts Department to purchase a new sealant cartridge I was informed that cartridges for my M-Mobility System are no longer available because the entire system has been replaced by M- Mobility System 2, P/N 71 10 2 228 911.
My question is this: Has anyone had their old style M-Mobility System replaced under warranty? The up-graded M-Mobility System 2 and mounting bracket cost over $200 vis-a-vis a $25 cartridge.

Jim Millet
2000 M Coupe w/obsolete M-Mobility System
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Circle BMW is selling the new kit for $134.95.

Paul McLaughlin at South Motors 1-800-883-7278 sells it for $113.25.

Can someone provide me with the part number for the sealant cartridge that goes in the M-Mobility System-1 (first generation Mobility System). BMW Seattle's Parts Department claims the MMS-1 sealant cartridge is no longer available.

Jim Millet
2000 M Coupe w/expired sealant cartridge :-(
Any numbers on the one you have?
Any old ones around may be expired or expiring soon. 11/30/00 started the new one.
RON: There's a part number on the bottom base of the unit: 71 10 2 228 500, and there are part numbers on the top and side labels: 71 10 2 228 703 (top) and 71 10 2 229 216 (side).
I disassembled the unit to see if the sealant cartridge had a part number on it and couldn't find one. I can see now, however, why BMW re-designed the M-Mobility System. The sealant cartridge is an extruded aluminum bottle with a screw-type hose connection on the side. Not something you'd expect the average Bimmer owner to be screwing around with (no pun intended). A cursory examination of the sealant bottle tells me this is not an inexpensive replacement part unlike the $25 plastic sealant bottle that goes in the MMS-2.
If you can find a part number for the sealant cartridge I'd be most appreciative.

Jim Millet
2000 M Coupe
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Come up with two.
71 10 2 228 800 Tire inflating bottle cedes to (5/1/99) 71 10 2 229 150 tire inflating bottle which cedes to (11/21/00) system one 71 10 2 229 700 which cedes to (11/30/00) system two which uses bottle 71 10 2 229 882.
I would purchase the system two kit, which I suspect will be your only option if you want to maintain a mobility kit.

RON: I contacted Paul McLaughlin at South Motors and Paul indicated P/N 71 10 2 229 150 is available at $35 list.
Thanks for all your assistance.....again :)

Jim Millet
2000 M Coupe.

Paul at South Motors BMW assured me they would not substitute the MMS-Mark 2 sealant cartridge, P/N 71 10 2 229 882, for the MMS-Mark 1 sealant cartridge.
I'll let you know which one shows up on my doorstep. Only time will tell :)

Just for info. I bought a pre owned 2000 M Roadster the end of October. The mobility kit was missing, so I asked about getting a new one. They supplied the System 2.

Is there a different bracket for the Raodster to better fit the System 2?

Good news : the correct sealant cartridge showed up for my Mark 1 M-Mobility System. It's a tall blue metal bottle with a hose hanging out the side. Paul McLaughlin at South Motors went to a lot of trouble to make sure the correct part was shipped from the BMW NA DC. Thanks to Ron Stygar for researching the correct part number.

Jim Millet
2000 M Coupe
Does it have an expiration date on it. If so, what is it?
My use for the M Mobility System...

First off, I haven't had a flat in many, many years. Second off, With these low profile tires, if I get a flat, it's probably gonna be a slice or a blowout, both of which the Mobility system is worthless to me. Our ///M Roadster and Coupes receive lifetime roadside assistance from BMWNA, and I have three dealerships in my direct vacinity.

It's for these reasons that I've removed the Mobility kit from my car, taken the cool bag that it was in, and restocked it with spare oil, first aid kit, leatherman, flashlight, tire pressure guage, etc. amd placed it back into it's hidden cubby. Each of these tools are more likely to be needed than the mobilioty kit IMO.

I'll probably get a slow leak tomorrow now that I've posted this, but I think I'll be ok!

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since we get the roadside assistance,

not a bad idea for an alternative. Some tracks guys though use the air pump to adjust tire pressures for AutoX's and track events.
JUNE 2004

RON: The label on the blue bottle says; "Best before 06/2004". That gives me two more years before I have to up-grade to the Mark 2 M-Mobility System.

Jim Millet
2000 M Coupe
Re: My use for the M Mobility System...

Adam Hicks said:
Our ///M Roadster and Coupes receive lifetime roadside assistance from BMWNA, and I have three dealerships in my direct vacinity.
Do you have any proof of this "lifetime" roadside assistance?

I was told that when we got the Roadster, but when I tried to track it down, NOBODY knows about it. Nobody has it in writing.

And most important, the people at the Roadside Assistance number don't know about it (my Roadster still had the 4 year expiration date).

It isn't that big a deal as I have AAA Plus coverage. Guaranteeed flat tow, tow up to 100 miles to anywhere you want it towed.
From the BMW Fast Facts book

The Fast Facts book is a pocket sized item that BMW sales people use. Covers all models for the current year. Occasionally, two per year are issued.

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That actually says though, "If a tire is COMPLETELY destroyed" (emphasis mine).

Define completely destroyed? Does this mean if you use the Mobility Kit and it doesn't work, they will come get you?

And where else is this, because the roadside assistance people didn't know about it. It isn't on the website. It is in something sales people use to sell the car, but no where else.

OK, you made me go check my manual. :)

The warranty manual for our 2002 M3 states that Roadside Assistance is supplied for the duration of the New Car Warranty.

Also reading the coverage was interesting. It only covers towing IF the problem is covered by the new car warranty. So a flat tire does not get towing. AND, things like flats (specfically mentioned) are only covered for up to $50 for any service required and nothing for parts.

Sounds like AAA Plus is the smart way to go.
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Extend RSA a good option?

Someone on Roadfly said instead of AAA, they just paid an annual fee (something like $59) to extend Roadside Assistance.

so what was the part number you ended up getting? What was the final price?

I once was going to have my Mobility kit replaced at warranty as the valve nozle on the compressor side of the air tube leaks when placed over the tire valve. It works but I have to hold the tube otherwise it is leaking.

Seattle BMW was going to replace my mobility kit under warranty but with the new kit. However idiots were only going to replace the kit and not replaced the tray in the trunk. I was not happy as the current tray was not designed for the new mobility system and it would obviously rattle around too much.

So in the end I didn't have it swapped.

Maybe i want to stock up on these sealant cartridges as I have had three tire punctures since I have owned my car. Luckily they were all really slow leaks and didn't require sealant use.

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