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///M Rdstr & Coupe Production ends soon

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May is "supposedly" when they phase out the E36/7 M Series Coupe and Roadster.
My salesman told me today that he's been getting calls from people and other dealers that are trying to find them.
No more new orders are being accepted, you'd have to take what's already in the pipeline.
I haven't heard when ALL Z3 production will shut down to change over the line to the new car, I guess we'll learn firsthand at Homecoming this year...
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Even with increasing demand as they run out, the cars are still being sold at bargain prices. Less than $42k for an '02. Sheesh.
Is $30k for a 2000 with 8,000 miles on it a good price? The front air dam has about 4 small chips in the paint on the bottom but other than that the car seems perfect. It’s Ti Sil, black int, and has a moonroof and in dash cd.
I won't say that there aren't any for less, but with only 8000 miles, I think that is a good price for one.
I know of one guy who lives pretty close to the factory that made a super deal on (I think) a 2000 a year ago. Not much less than $30,000, so the car you are referring to probably won't last long at that price.
Thirty grand for a car that retailed at 45k only a year and a half ago...

"Sold to the man in the flying shoe..."
I was hoping they would come down to 30 but they told me today that it sold for 32. Still not a bad deal considering it was at a BMW dealer. The sad thing is that someone probably got about 26-27 during trade in. My search continues…..

Anyone have ¼ mile times for the 240 hp car and the 315 hp car? BMW figures say that 0 to 60 times are only 1/10th of a second different (5.1 vs. 5.0).

My Harley should be sold this week so I'll have some more money for the M Coupe budget :D

Randy, you have two M Coupes?
Wingboot said:
Randy, you have two M Coupes?
I'm not that crazy...!!

I have two M Roadsters :))

The 99 was to drive until the 01 became available (I knew it was going to be late).
Once the 01 was out, the 98-00 cars dropped in value.
And then there is Sue, she likes to drive one too.
I drive the 99 during the winter with snowtires and a hardtop fitted, and she dives the X5.
Come summer and I will drive the 01 most of the time while she drives the 99.
Oops, I'm sorry. I guess I have M Coupe on the brain:D

When do you drive this one?

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My 100/6 (actually a two seater version) is presently at a specialists shop in Florida having the final body and paintwork done.
I did the ground up restoration, and modifications for vintage racing. But when it came to the bodywork, my level of skill didn't meet my expectations!
Once painted, I will complete the assembly and myriad of remaining details.
Sue will be glad to see the Healey come home, maybe then I will stop taking apart brand new cars!!
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