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M-sport steering wheel for Canadians.

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Hi there.

Just got back from my local dealer, inquired about the price of M-sport steering wheel for my 325. P/N - 32 34 4 229 230.
Price - $909.84 canucks! ( :confused: $580 US :mad: )
Installation - $157.00 canucks...

I didn't find the price on the, but people are always talking about $300-400 US price range... Maybe my math is wrong, but that is a bit cheaper than the quote I got :(

Sigh. I didn't find out if the dealer will install it if I get it somewhere else...but I do hope so :(

P.S. Can I buy it on-line from PacificBMW? Can someone give me a direct link? I can't seem to find it.
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Thanks, JDC.
I'll try that too.
Toast - How much did you pay for the steering wheel?
Thanks about the info, I'll bug the service advisor if I go ahead with the switch :) want's one too :bawling: :cry:

Nice deal you've got :)

Wait. Step? :confused: Now, I don't envy you anymore :p :p :p
I do have the sport package, so I'm ok in terms of air-bag, but I'm still not ok in terms of price :(

Anyhow...Just drove my car, I like my steering wheel as it is :)
Btw, guys, did you notice how much more enjoyable driving in warm weather is ? :) likes summer :)
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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