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M-sport steering wheel for Canadians.

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Hi there.

Just got back from my local dealer, inquired about the price of M-sport steering wheel for my 325. P/N - 32 34 4 229 230.
Price - $909.84 canucks! ( :confused: $580 US :mad: )
Installation - $157.00 canucks...

I didn't find the price on the, but people are always talking about $300-400 US price range... Maybe my math is wrong, but that is a bit cheaper than the quote I got :(

Sigh. I didn't find out if the dealer will install it if I get it somewhere else...but I do hope so :(

P.S. Can I buy it on-line from PacificBMW? Can someone give me a direct link? I can't seem to find it.
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Bimmer128: No, I've asked about it before. THe airbag costs another $1000 + tax. :(

And, rost12, the installation of the wheel should only be 1 hour of labour MAX. My service advisor spent less than half hour on it, and only charged me $66. :bigpimp:
I purchased my wheel slightly used from a guy on The deal includes the round airbag, he sold it to me for $550 including shipping. :bigpimp:
Just to add salt to the wound... (j/k):D


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rost12 said:

Wait. Step? :confused: Now, I don't envy you anymore :p :p :p
At least I still have a 5 speed :p

:( :confused:
Re: My odyssey

Sjumper said:
I ordered my M steering wheel from Patrick BMW for $375US. However, they sent me a SP steering wheel instead with the wood trim. I called them back and at first they didn't believe me. Finally they did send me the correct wheel (of course, I had to pay to ship the SP wheel back to them). F*cking UPS (I really hate UPS, I really hate UPS.... :mad: ) charged me two times for brokerage fees. I had to bug Patrick BMW to send UPS a statement indicating it was a return and after a month I got that money back.

After I got the wheel, I tried to get the round airbag (I don't have SP) but the only dealership that was willing to sell it to me is Maranello BMW. It cannot be shipped from the US (contains explosives) and the local dealers were too stupid (they kept on telling me it won't work because I don't have SP, idiots!). Finally, I paid $1,000 CDN for the airbag and had them install it (1 hour labour). BTW, if you don't have SP, it is pretty difficult to DIY. You will need the correct torx (sp?) screwdriver to get the non-sp wheel off. While Maranello did a good job overall, they washed and scratched my car.:mad:

Finally, I am proud to say I am the reason Patrick BMW no longer ship to Canada. Actually, they told me that in my last phone call with them.:D

When I think of the cost of the whole thing (in time and money), I cringe a little but when I have my hands on the steering wheel, I forget about all that.
Out of curiosity, did you sell your old airbag + wheel, Sjumper?? Or are you keeping them so you can change it back when you've decided to sell your car?
rost12 said:
I do have the sport package, so I'm ok in terms of air-bag, but I'm still not ok in terms of price :(

Anyhow...Just drove my car, I like my steering wheel as it is :)
Btw, guys, did you notice how much more enjoyable driving in warm weather is ? :) likes summer :)
Oh, its finally Summer in the east side? :D I have been driving in the warm weather with my summer tires on for over 2 months now. :bigpimp: It sure feels great, but I miss my easy-to-clean type 44 winter wheels. :(
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