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All seasons are better than summer tires in winter, sure, but are crap compared to true winter tires. would be worth thinking about winter tires.
It just doesn't snow here enough. Most of the time, any snow that is not in the shade, melts within 24 hours.
Winter tires are as much about cold weather performance as they are about snow performance. If I were going to go to the trouble of swapping tires I would a) use winter tires, b) get a set of dedicated wheels rather than get tires removed and re-mounted twice a year.

Are the ultra high performance all seasons that have been mentioned here only available as non run flats? If so, are you planning to carry a spare? Carry a repair kit / portable air pump?

Any thoughts on whether the manufcaturers will bring out run flat versions for the F30?

I saw an announcement not too long ago on a Goodyear UHP AS tire being demoed on wet roads in Seattle. The tires were on a 3 series, which I found ironic as I cannot find any indication they come in a run flat version.

Despite the myriad automobile choices they have, most tire manufacterers use BMWs to demonstrate the performance of their tires. Watch tire commercials and you will see BMWs more often than not. To me that really says something about the automobiles BMW produces.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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