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Hi folks,

I've had my car for about a month and I can see I'll be learning and obsessing about it. Case in point: I bought a 2001 M sales brochure off ebay. Glossy paper, heavy weight cover, pretty pictures. On the front it says 2001 M roadster M coupe. At the back, it lists Oxford green (code 430) coming with Beige leather interior Q6SN code and black or beige top (my car is black). lower on the same page is a section headed Nappa leather, Q6SN, dark beige/light beige. The problem I'm having is that neither the light or dark beige is the dot pattern Oregon Beige I have.

This page: lists R3SN which is the Oregon beige.

How could the brochure not have the Oregon beige? Was it a special order? I have some info about the car from the VIN, but am curious about the interior. FWIW, I really like the Oxford Green and beige interior.

I've done a couple searches, that's how I found the page I referenced. But just wondering what else folks can tell me.

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