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M235i or 340i as a DD?

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Hi, currently deciding between a 2014 M235i and 2016 340i for daily driving (commute ~10 miles one way).
M235i is fully loaded, while the 340i has everything but track handling package (no m sport brakes or adaptive suspension :cry:).

I plan on going BM3 stage 2 as well, so for the F22 I'll need upgraded FMIC and DP with the tune, maybe CP? Don't think I'll need new turbos.. right? And for the 340i it'll just be DP + tune from what I've read on the forums. If I'm not too misread on the subject, both should be ~400bhp

I know it's an odd matchup as it's comparing the coupe against a sedan; the main difference in features to me would be adaptive suspension vs. bsm/top/side view cameras, as well as N55 versus B58 tuning. Am curious which you think would be more fun to drive--any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!
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If it's your DD, i would go with the option that requires less "tinkering". The more mods you make, the more finicky the car will end up being. Drive them both and figure out how much space you want/need.
The 2 will be lighter than the 3. With all the tuning/mods you're doing, that sounds like it should make the decision for you. BTW, my 2015 M235i with just the 93 Octane BM3 tune (no mods) is quite a kick in the pants. I use it as my daily driver and it's tremendous fun.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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