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Howdy folks,

I recently got ahold of a 99' M3 Convertible, Auto, with 141k. I know...not particularly the drivers car spec, but nonetheless I am loving the car.

The transmission shifts great, and behaves exactly as I would expect it to, except for a rather jolty 2-3 shift. It seems that the oncoming (F) clutch is struggling to match engine speed to the next gear during the shift phase, so when the shift ends and the F clutch goes to full line pressure, there's a jolt. It's not flaring at the moment- but the above behavior is the precursor to shift flare unless these transmissions just have a 2-3 shift like this and somehow hold up to that.

Anyway, one day It'll get a Manual, but it's simply not in my time or budget to do that at the moment, so I am looking to modify the transmission and or DME tunes in order to prevent the above behavior from causing excessive wear to the F clutch and prematurely killing the transmission.

I see that there are many options for DIY DME tuning using romraider and the like- but my question is if the same exists for the EGS? If shift power reduction is handled by tables in the DME, I may be able to get away with not touching the EGS tune, but ideally I would be able to increase the shift pressure and make the power cut more aggressive to extend the life of the transmission. Fairly straightforward task, provided the tools to do so are avaliable.

Does anyone have any knowledge on:

1. If it is possible to read and flash the EGS over OBDII or the Diagnostic Port, and if the definitions are avaliable for the EGS

2. Where the shift power interruption is handled. (DME primarily or EGS).

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