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M3 wheel question

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I have a 98 M3/4. I am currently debating whether to stay with the staggered wheel set up of 7.5x17 up front, 8.5x17 rear or go with 8.5x17 all round (with stock tires). Can I fit these wheels up front without making any modifications? TIA.
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Yes. Assuming stock suspension and stock wheels/tires, you can run 8.5" wheels and 245/40R-17 all-around. I never did with my M3 coupe, but I did swap fronts to back and backs to fronts once just to confirm for myself that there's be no rubbing in front.
Personally I like the staggered look, gives the car a nice muscle appeal.

if you ever decide to go away from the staggered look, I would be interested in buying your wheel/tire set.

I currently have 235/40/17 all around. but would like to go staggered.



I'd say the answer depends on whether you (plan to) track your car. If so, I would recommend to go with one size wheel all around. I run 17X8.5 wheels with 235/40 or 245/40 on all four corners. Advantages are that you take some of the understeer out and can freely rotate the tires. For every track event, I simply put the "freshest" tire on the most demanding corner of the car!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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