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M3 wheel with new car

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I thought about ordering the M3 wheel as an accessory built into the lease so that it would be part of the BMW warranty, but dealer wants 450 for wheel plus installation. They won't accept it if I get my own wheel (used or via Circle, etc..)

Any other accessories to consider on the coupe? I'm gonna have them throw in the usual (wheel locks, rubber mats and carpet mats, activate clown nose)
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You could try special ordering it w/ the M3 wheel from the factory-- there is an order code for that. I'll see if I can dig it up if you want...
That would be great!

Not sure if they can change anything now....Status 151
It should be option code 710 for the M steering wheel.
Check this link for a nice list of available options and codes (its from a european dealer's website):

This is also a very interesting link but it looks like its only for US models and doesn't include the code for the M sport steering wheel. This pdf basically contains all of the various codes (including standard equipment codes that goes into each US model-- it even lists the 325i south africa as a separate model). One interesting note about the 325-- the steptronic transmission is listed as optional euqipment only for the SA version and not listed at all for the regular version. I guess that means ifyou order a steptronic you definitely get an SA built one.
Not exactly relevant- but you may want to peruse it. BTW, the "255" steering wheel that you'll see listed in the sport packages and called the 'M steering wheel' is just the standard think rim split spoke wheel. You'll see that the US 5 series sport package uses the 710 wheel (the thick rim solid spoke wheel that you want).
Status 151 means it is already running down the assembly line. No changes possible.
RChoudry said:
That would be great!

Not sure if they can change anything now....Status 151
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