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M3 wheel

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Hi. I have an M3 steering wheel on the way (black stitching), and I was wondering about the installation. I did find DIY sites for it, but I have minimal car work abilities, and I'm really afraid of the airbag. Is it an easy job, or should this be best left to a technician?
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ayn did it for me cuz i was scared too but

omg, it took less than 5 minutes and most of the time was spent prying up the battery cover. it was SO easy. it is even easier than it looks on the DIY files
:lmao: Even with minimal experience, you will be able to do it. Just make sure you torque the center nut accordingly ( has the figures), and you should be fine. Don't worry about the airbag. If you throw it around a couple of times, maybe you will void it:thumb: .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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