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I'm happy to announce that our front control arm Monoball Suspension Upgrade Kit for the E39 M5 and E39 540i is now in stock and ready to ship.

They have actually been ready for quite some time but I didn't have a compatible vehicle here to verify fitment and performance. I ended up selling a set to a customer with an E39 M5 who runs his car on track days as well as regular street driving to verify fitment and pass along handling feedback. Unfortunately the install on his end was delayed for a couple of months so the release date got pushed back a bit. Now that I know everything is fine they are officially listed on our website.

The German Auto Solutions Monoball kit for the BMW E39 M5 and E39 540i series is a top quality solid ball joint replacement for the standard rubber upper control arm bushings supplied as original equipment by BMW. This performance suspension upgrade consists of new BMW sealed "M-Car" solid ball joints, CNC machined anodized aluminum carrier sleeves, stainless steel mounting collars and your choice of stainless steel or titanium fasteners. By replacing the stock rubber bushings with our solid ball joints E39 M5 and E39 540i owners will receive a significant handling improvement via more precise steering control and improved steering feedback.



These are not just for performance guys. This kit will improve the everyday handling of any E39 540i or M5. If your E39 has more than 60K miles on it, and you still have the original rubber bushings, it's probably time to replace them. Why spend the money on new mushy rubber bushings when you can replace them with G.A.S. Monoballs.

Check them out on our website:



German Auto Solutions

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Bump for a great product. I went in on a group buy with the M5 guys and put these on my 540i M-sport. What a difference! If you are looking to have something other than the HD or polyurethane bushings, these are the ones for you. They're very well made and pretty much just slipped into the thrust arms with a little bit of help. There is a binary loctite step to ensure that they stay fixed in the arm.

You can get them pre-pressed in new Thrust arms if you want. I wrote about my experience here and in the thread on the M5 board.

I had fairly new thrust arms with UUC bushings, new control arms, new tie rod ends, new sway bar end links. I put these bushings on and still noticed a difference. My test is going on a 360 highway on ramp, and driving at 80 - 100 mph (jk - I would never exceed the posted speed limit)) on a winding divided 4 lane road. The steering is crisper and quite tight. At one point, I was on the highway doing about 80 mph and found myself talking with my hands (much to my wife's chagrin and dismay) while the car tracked true. The 540i is a fun car to drive, but this takes it to the next level, IMHO.

BTW, it's easier to take the whole thrust arm out to put them in because of the bracket in the 540i. I would recommend popping the ball joint out first to get a better range of motion to drop the bushing end out of it's bracket.

If you want to give your 540i a little treat (and yourself) this is definitely a good way to go.

I have these thrust arms (realoem diagram). If you have the same part numbers, they would fit. Parts:

05 Lft traction strut without rubb.mounting 1 31121092609
05 Rght traction.strut without rubb.mountng 1 31121092610
06 Set rubber mounting f traction strut 1 31120006482
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