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Hi guys. i happen to own a 2011 550i and i was in love with the m5 and since it costs too much i thought of having my own m5 build with my 550i :angel: . full body kit and wheels plus full exhaust all OEM from an M5 DONER.. HOWEVER:p, i bought a cluster along with that kit from an M6 and i just want to install it in my car as i have seen a few members who were able to do so in their 535i.. etc.

if you guys know the way or a guy that is near los angeles, CA who can code it in my car or even someone who can do it remotely. i would really appreciate every help. :dunno:

ps : sorry guys english is my second language so if you see any grammatical errors just ignore them . thanks ! :thumbup:

to save you guys a lot of time. first, yes i know what i did is not the best build and since its not an M i shouldn't have done what i did. but its what i like and im going to stick with it:thumbup:. and no i dont like to retrofit to the full lcd cluster is it will make the car kinda stupid having the m5 body kit and all:rolleyes: . and i like it that way:loco:. and yes i dont want it to be fully functional as im keeping it for 2 months only then im going to give it a friend and sell my car. thanks again ! :smokin:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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