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Hi all!

I know it has been talked many times before. I have recently purchased an intake cam with its lifters and camtray, and wanted to make the swap but first I wanted to ask something.
First of all, will it run ok with the stock eprom/mapping? Or will it necessarily need a new specific map to run OK?
If stock mapping is OK and improves performance over stock camshaft I guess some TMR chip or some other will performe OK aswell.

Next question is, I know it has been done, it has been talked on this forum, but it always seems to be the whole "hot" cam swap. Wich means that you pick up an intake camshaft from a NV m50 and swap it with he stock exhaust camshaft. You must grind some material from the sprocket so it is in the same plane as the stock exhaust cam swaped cause it is shorter than that of the NV.
Ok but this is maybe a little bit much more than I would wanted to and setting the propper timing could be a little tricky so what if I just swap the intake cam and let the stock exhaust cam in there?
Any feedback on this?
I read somewhere but dont know if it was on this forum from a guy that did the swap on his e34 and got great results but I wasnt able to find that topic again.

Thanks in advice!
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