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Anyone get this done? If so any feedback?

I went to two local muffler/exhaust shops to have them take a look, needless to say they scared the sh*^ out of me.
First guy said he recommends 2.5" tubing, I'm like that looks like 3" throughout, he said half an inch won't make a difference.
Second shop stated the car is 2.5" stock piping so easy delete, I said take a look, just wanted a second opinion already knew I wasn't using him. He's like oh this isn't like other bmw's, you have 2 resonators and a set up I've never seen.

So basically I thought an exhaust shop could do something straight forward as a delete, now I skeptical of doing it at all but wanted a little extra rumble.
Anyone with experience or input that can assist .. thanks all. Also, the exhaust "looks" like 3", anyone can confirm actual diameter. THANKS
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