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M5iT spyshots

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Here is the first solid evidence that BMW has given the green light to what will potentially be the fastest estate car on the planet. That distinctive nose and those M5 alloys would have raised our suspicions, but it is the menacing quad exhaust pipes that mark this BMW Touring out as an 'M-car', the ultimate in performance BMWs. It's a welcome but hardly surprising development, as BMW would have been unlikely to sit still whilst Audi and Mercedes Benz dominated the super-estate market with their 444bhp RS6 Quattro Avant and 476bhp E55 AMG estate. As towering as those V8 powerhouses are, BMW brings no less than 507bhp to the game, courtesy of the sensational V10 powerplant that already resides under the bonnet of the M5 saloon, a car that goes on sale here in a couple of month's time.

A BMW GB spokesman has told 4Car that no decision has been taken on production of an M5 Touring, but coyly added that if such a car were to go into left-hand drive production "we would be asking for a right-hand drive version. After all, more Touring M5s of the previous generation have been sold overall than saloon versions." There has never been a right-hand drive version of the M5 Touring, but BMW "would love to have one for the UK." 4Car believes there'd be a long list of willing customers who'd be as intrigued as we are at the notion of an estate capable of carrying a family (with dog) at up to 205mph (without electronic restriction). Inspired. Mad, but inspired..

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mgorgel said:
I'm in :hi:
I would buy one for my wife....she will have problems keeping it to herself, though.
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