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M62TUB44 Build

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So I want to have a 450 hp machine that roasts the **** out of tires buttttt I am having a hard time figuring out where to start. I plan on straight piping the exhaust after the CAT and a few other minor things but I was curious on what you guys think I should do or do first. :)
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My car is for sale, does everything you want and then some. See signature.
Well the 540 already pushes Aprox 400 hp. So maybe add a discrete shot of nitrous and you got your 450 ponies.

Please close thread. . :D
A 540i from 2001 pushes almost 300
You would need thousands of dollars and go forced induction, or engine swap, or complete engine build etc etc. But since you don't know where to start to make power then I don't think you will get the 450hp tire destroying monster you are after.
6K + Labor for a supercharger from VS. Or just sell your 540 and buy an M5. You won't get it to make 400+ many other ways except maybe an e60 intake, bigger injectors, a tune and NOS.
I just wonder when these threads come up how they come up with a set amount of horsepower. Have they been in a xxx horsepower car and that is what they are basing these numbers on? I mean on my old 88 CRX Si I could do burnouts all day with the 90 horsepower that it had. On my MR2 turbo, I wanted more power so I threw on a bigger turbo and supporting mods and then put it on the dyno to see how much more power it made from stock.
iF I COULD Id do headers, Intake throttle body, exhaust, proper coil over suspension on top of the eurothan suspension i already have, pulley, flywheel,

other wise, id just buy a e90 m3
I'd choose a different engine wouldn't even consider spending on the m62 engine there defo not the strongest v8 out there id prob go for a straight 6 2jz toyota engine and play with that much stronger by a large margin 😉
^_Did you know that you just replied to a 6+ year old post.
I know i was extremely drunk at the time oh well !
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