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Magnaflow Performance Series Exhaust for sale

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Hey everyone, I hate to do this on here and if I am breaking a cardinal rule, feel free to stone me. If there is an avenue on here to do this other than this please point me in that direction as I didn't see it.

I VERY BEGRUDGINGLY, sold my Carbon Black 2008 E60 550i M sport 6 Speed :mad::cry::mad::cry::mad: and now have a Cat back exhaust system sitting in my garage that I fear wifee may just run over it to force me to get rid of it as well :yikes:. It needs a new home, and I am motivated to sell. You all know how much these cost new so make me an offer. Its not a $600 knock off from eBay, its the real deal from Magnaflow's site. It was on the car for about 2500 lovely and musical miles. Wifee, bless her heart, loves museums and does not like the look of an exhaust system ruining her Z4 exhibit in the garage...go figure :tsk:! I am in Vista, CA. PM me for my number. :bigpimp:

It will fit the 2008-2010 LCI 550i cars equipped with the M Sport Pkg. I have seen the pre LCI systems and all I can tell in difference is that the tail pipes stick out further on this system to adjust for slight changes in the bumpers after 2008.

Ok I just found the right place to put this sort of thread and put one up there. its in the Performance Classified section. I just cant seem to delete this one.


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how much are you asking for it?
@GOR77- I have it up on Craigslist for 650. I would like to get at least 5 for it.
@ jred- that one has little more going on with the dual exhaust. But the burble popping sound it makes when the RPM's are coming down is pretty spot on.
Any idea about shipping? I live in Atlanta, 30548 zip.
I would rather a local pick up naturally. I have not looked at it at all. No real idea how much that would be.
Need to get a weight to figure out shipping.
Any loud drone cruising speeds?
@ V8- You can hear it in the cabin. It's a low hum on the highway. Not obnoxious but its not as civilized as the uber engineered stock system.
Thanks everyone. This system is sold pending funds. I will update if anything changes.
Is your first name Gor?
how much are you asking for it?
Nice! First time meeting someone with the same name as me, you drive a e60 550?
ha aper :thumbup:
lol, yes I do
Nice! First time meeting someone with the same name as me, you drive a e60 550?
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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