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Fired up the engine for the first time in about 8 weeks tonight. No airbag lights, no check engine, no odometer tamper indicator. No nuthin. Everything works fine so far... footwell lights, glovebox light, Passport hardwire power, etc. Clutch pedal (Stygar) works fine. Shifter works fine. Will finish up the center console this week.

As usual, walnut does not photograph well with 1100 watts of flourescent light nearby. Camera freaks out on color balance.


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Looking good Jon!
I'm sure you were relieved when she fired up;)

BTW, the stickers come off the visors without much effort when they're new...
I was able to get them off the 01 by just RUBBING them with my thumb. The X5 has fabric covering the visor and I was able to PEEL it off them...
When they are new, anyway.

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Goof Off works too

I've used Goof Off to remove the stickers both in my coupe and my WRX. It's smelly so take the visor out of the car to apply...after the sticker is off clean the visor with a damp rag and then apply some vinyl conditioner. The Goof Off may make the vinyl saggy temporarily but it will tighten back up quickly.
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