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My 05 3301 with sport option is a joy but the quality control is terrible! have had exterior parts fall off ( mirror cover, brake duct cover, water pump go at 45k, disks and pads at 37K (ok, not bad), and of course the infamous control arm end bushings! I am getting ready to take it in for the stage II inspection with nearly 63000 and don't expect to get it out of the dealer for less than a $1000. You would think German engineering could at least match the reliability of a F-150 but evidently not. won't buy another. "Vent" out of the way, after we get done with the "inspections", what really should be replaced at this interval? Plugs are supposed to be good for 100K, "lifetime tranny fluid", lifetime Coolant (hah). Fuel, cabin and air filters ??? and what else?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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