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Manual Convertible Top

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Does any 1 know a site or can tell me how to drop the top on my 1990 325I convertible.. The car was inherited without any manuals, even the diagram on the drivers side sun visor is gone. ( I understand that this is where directions for lowering the top were). Ive gotten as far as undoing the latches near the sun visors. Started to partially fold the top, pulled the handle on the left side of the rear passenger seat. I hear a click but the cap does not come up so I can fold the top into i ts compartment. Is there a step Im missing?? I even tried doing it with all the windows down.. HELP !!
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i have a bmw325i and i pressed the manual button in the truck for electrical failure i didnt know it was and my cover wont open now can u help me :) :) :) :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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