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A sudden sense of liberty
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Alex Baumann said:
I've just read an interesting article. German car manufacturers started offering some of their top models without speed limiters from factory.

As known, other than Porsche and tuners, german manufacturers were agreed on a speed limit of 250km/h

Some numbers provided by manufacturers :

VW Phaeton : 297 km/h
Mercedes SL55 AMG : 325 km/h
(new) Audi RS6 : 280 km/h

Do you think that would start a top speed battle among manufacturers ? Or will it be just a marketing bait to attract more customers ?
I hope not. I think the "gentlemen's agreement" on speed limits was a good thing. In all honesty, 155 mph is probably as fast as you can safely go on any of the autobahnen. A top speed battle is only likely to bring down the wrath of regulators and lead to the imposition of unwanted restrictions, either on cars themselves or on the roads.
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