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I went though a couple of for sale ads and compiled a master list of all things one might need to address when buying an E30.

A subset of this list could be used as a checklist to give a PPI mechanic.

Or, it may be used as a guide to assist in prioritization of DIY projects.
To that end, is there any way you guys can comment on the list?

  • Can we sort the sections into priority order? (#1 is more urgent or common)
  • Can we exclude things that are never really an issue?
  • Do we reclassify repairs that are in the wrong category?
  • What missing repairs does this list overlook ?
Any help in making sense of this list is much appreciated

  1. Burnt out dash bulbs replaced with working ones
  2. Replaced all burnt out interior lightbulbs
  3. New fog light bulbs (fog lights are fully functional)
  4. Stainless Steel brake lines
  5. New spark plugs
  6. New fuel tubing (engine bay) / New fuel hose to the fuel rail and cold start injector
  7. Replace oxygen sensor.
  8. New distributor rotor
  9. New distributor cap
  10. New spark plug wires
  11. New thermostat
  12. New valve cover gasket
  13. Valves adjusted (another must for M20's), New valve cover gasket. Replace rocker shaft seals.
  14. New oil pan
  15. New oil pan gasket
  16. New battery
  17. New timing belt/tensioner (a MUST for M20 engine BMW's)
  18. Changed engine oil (10W-30 synthetic)
  19. Changed rear diff fluid (75W-90) / Diff: Redline Synthetic GL-5 Gear Oil
  20. Changed transmission fluid (Redline MT-90 racing fluid) / Tranny: Redline MT-90 GL-4 Synthetic
  21. New brake pads/brake rotors (OEM replacement from Turner Motorsport)
  22. New driveshaft guibo (known failure point on BMW's) with OEM BMW part and new OEM BMW hardware
  23. New driveshaft center support bearing, OEM BMW parts/new hardware
  24. New tires (Falken Ziex ZE912, OEM size)
  25. New belts (power steering, alternator, and A/C belts)
  26. New spark plugs
  27. New intake gaskets
  28. Replaced all cracked fuel lines, vacuum lines, and coolant lines
  29. New radiator and hoses
  30. Coolant flush, used BMW coolant purchased from the dealer
  31. Fan Clutch
  32. Idle Control Valve
  33. Thermostat Housing
  34. Throttle Body-Bypass (??????)

  1. New brake master cylinder with new o-ring from BMW
  2. New taillight gaskets
  3. All new exhaust gaskets and new hardware, replaced with OEM BMW parts
  4. New head gasket and head bolts!
  5. UUC DSSR Selector Rod with new shifter mount bushings
  6. Rebuilt shifter linkage with all new bushings
  7. Rebuilt calipers
  8. The only performance modifications on the car are new BavAuto spark plug wires, and an E32 7-series brake master cylinder for a stiffer brake pedal feel.
  9. Cleaned/flow tested fuel injectors at Witchhunter Performance ($135 service), all injectors at best rating
  10. New DME main relay and fuel pump relay (old ones were corroded)
  11. New ABS relay
  12. New crank shaft seal
  13. New engine mounts
  14. Replaced cylinder head bolts with factory updated ones
  15. New coolant level sensor.
  16. Steering rack
  17. Replaced an ABS sensor.
  18. Wheel bearings
  19. Replaced rear transmission seal and shifter shaft seal.
  20. Replaced clutch.
  21. Replaced shift joint.
  22. Replaced differential half shaft seals. Redline differential oil.
  23. Thermostat and Aux fan temp switch replaced
  24. Replaced Air flow meter
  25. New Catalytic Converter
  26. New Transmission Mounts
  27. Remanufactured Driveshaft
  28. New Slave Cylinder
  29. New Hydraulic Slave Cylinder Line
  30. Resurfaced Flywheel
  31. New Pressure Plate bolts
  32. New Flywheel Bolts
  33. New exhaust flanges/bolts
  34. New shifter cup-bushing
  35. Clutch Master Cylinder rebuild

  1. New tie rod ends and boots (Lemforder)
  2. New control arms (Lemforder)
  3. Just control arm bushings?
  4. Front Strut Rebuild
  5. New Front Shocks
  6. New front shock/strut mounts (Sachs)
  7. New front spring pads
  8. New front/rear sway bar endlinks
  9. New front sway bar mount bushings
  10. New rear spring pads
  11. New rear shock tower mounts/gaskets
  12. New bushing set for rear trailing arms
  13. Rear shock mounts

  1. New front license plate delete - bumper trim piece
  2. New seals bottom seals for front door windows
  3. The exterior modfications include: body color mirrors, front license plate delete, and rear "euro" license plate filler.
  4. New power antenna, new antenna grommet
  5. Repainted all exterior trim
  6. Repainted wheels
  7. New exhaust tip, repainted muffler and exhaust manifolds (look great)
  8. New M-badge on steering wheel, new BMW roundel, new chrome window moulding! (that stuff that's yellow and nasty on every other '80s BMW)
  9. New custom floor mats

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if you want a good list.
tune up, plugs, plug wires, dist cap, coil, belts with timing belt and tensioner, air filter, change fluids (all oils including brake and power steering), valve cover gasket and valve adjustment. have a shop check out the suspension and brakes.

all that other stuff is kinda nonsense. unless you buy a complete pile of crap

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Whoa you remind me of me when I first got my car and I had to do repairs as soon as I got it. Now I feel so much more grateful of my "Tigress" BMW since its not as bad as yours. I ll get back to you a little later because this is something I should of done so I can realize how much I fixed over 2 years. I easily went over my budget like quickly because of where I live and I had to go to the mechanic.

How much did you pay for it and what year is it?

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Are you talking to me? I have not bought an E30 yet.
I am just making a list of possible things to inspect and maybe repair.

Downhiller, it's good to know a lot of the above may not be required

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If a vehicle needed all the things you list they should be paying you. The body is the important part. Rust and damage repairs make anything else look cheep. A good guide is the interior. Clean and neat will reflect on the rest of the car. Any mechanic will be able point out worn components. Just do a MAJOR service with ALL fluids and then enjoy driving it and see what needs to be done. That list is too comprehensive for a 25yr old car unless you are going to Pebble Beach. Some of your items are duplicated too; maybe it's the way I read it.

PS: Give that list to any mechanic and he will probably offer to have your children too.......

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Yes I was talking to you but as a general guide anything dealing with the Engine is the most important. Anything dealing with the regular maintenance is first such as oil the oil gasket. I have had a lot of these problems and went over my budget with my repairs since I had generous people chip in my repairs.

Your on the right track because I only got a look at the Carfax and it looked good but it had the savage title on it because it was stolen.
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