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Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire love the UUC 540i UUC flywheel and clutch

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The E34 is unquestionably one of BMW's handsomest designs, and it has aged remarkably well. This 1995 540i features the 4.0L V8 engine mated to a manual gearbox. Matt Farah just can't stop talking about how much he likes the UUC flywheel and clutch in this 540i.

"Immediately, the clutch is extraordinarily light, like I can't believe how light the clutch is, yet it feels grabby."

"I can't recall a clutch that is so light and so effective as well."

"Wow, does it have a lightweight flywheel? ... when you blip it to downshift, it shifts nice and quick."

"I'm obsesseed with how quickly it revs, that lightweight flywheel is awesome!"
More info on Taylor's 540i on Wheelwell

A lightweight flywheel and clutch is the biggest secret in BMW performance, known as the "poor man's supercharger" because of the increase in acceleration. UUCs lightweight flywheel also makes rev-matching easier and our performance clutches hold up to those other power enhancements you have installed.
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I run the JBR 13# LWFW its pretty nice.
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