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8:00am...the alarm sounds...excitement boils inside me. IT'S TIME TO HIT THE CANYONS!!!!!!!

I washed my car and sped over to my gf's house to get her up and ready for a day of bimmers, great people, great roads, and beautiful views...

Arriving early and trying to figure out which lot would be best was a little harder than either of thought it should have been...LOL. But eventually we found a pay lot and started the show!

Our fearless leader and his new Porsche 917 tat. I love the tat, D. Nice work!

Had to check out the graffiti to make sure my gf wasn't going to be caught in any of her rival's territory...:shifty

Long flipp'n bus!

some cool urban views...

The line-up!
pjb's beautiful 528i

vok's equally beautiful 528i with recent bumper and lighting upgrades

240zman's stunning machine. I love your car, B. It's fantastic!!!

Taggart's 03 525i. Ain't she a beaut?!?!

Some random dudes car that just pulled into the lot...It's meh at best...

BMW05's unique 525i

paintbalistics beast...the only manual in the bunch :buttrock

A few of the fella's...

Cavity delivery!

"No blue is better than yours...."

"You know fella's...I think I like this blue....'

Alright let's go!

Bye 240zman...


Homeless our bimmers!!!!

Aren't they beautiful???

Thanks for's all the change in my center console...that's about 5 bucks...

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Stay close, Paint...

I'm going for it! Paint, you come too

*ring ring ring* "brewtech, I've lost two cars...lets pull over and wait"

"k...brewtech, paint is back, but taggart is gone! No where to be found...we gotta go tho..." "paint, look at my random hand signals and understand! get in front of me!!!!

Hollywood sign?

Even the taggers have USA pride :buttrock!


Now we're really liv'n large...or at least driving past people that are living large...:shifty

Show 'em how real ballers do it, PJ



Big foot sighting...



*sniff* can you smell the ocean?


So...pch is under construction. This road SUCKED! Big time...

Let's head for the canyons!

So here's where my gf comes to the realization as to why I love driving in the canyons and she doesn't. She did her best to take pics...for that I thank her. Too bad she only got a few tho...

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somethings going on :dunno

K...let's pull off and take a break...I'll take pics :D

So the guys are back on the road and pushing their machines hard. I played good bf and took it easy so my gf wouldn't blow chunks in my passenger seat...
She managed to get some cool shots in return for my drastically reduced pace...

We had some shy guys, but us three manly men stared the camera in the and posed by the machines that put smiles on our faces all day long...

From here everyone took off on their separate ways...I took my gf by her old stomping grounds...westwood! She's a UCLA graduate. We had a very good dinner....sat in traffic...and saw a speeding high heel :eyecrazy!

All in wasn't a bad day...not a bad day at all....


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Glad you guys liked the story :D It was a fantastic day! I'm already itching for more.

LA's def. got some weird stuff going on...

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we need to import some camera guys out there to here.

sweet pics!!!
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