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Guys and Ladies,

I have a meet up/drive planned for June 18th in Wisconsin. We will be driving from Chicago to Kettle Moraine National Forest - there is a 115 mile scenic road we will drive either some or all of. So far, 8 people are in for this event and it will be great.

Here is a link to the drive:

And a link to the route:

I will be meeting up with the existing 8 people at 10am near Lake Geneva then driving to the start of the scenic drive... If anyone else is interested let me know and you can meet us at my buddy's lake house and drive to Kettle Moraine with us or you can meet us at the start point and we will rally from there.

I am bringing two way radios for the first, second, and last cars of the pack so that we can keep the group organized - the lead car will be sent a few hundred yards ahead of the pack to act as a scout for traffic, cops, etc.

There are a lot of places to stop for food and gas along the way so it should be a fun time. Hit me up. Anthony :roundel:
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