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Can I use Meguires #9 Swirl Remover to remove minor scratches prior to applying more Zaino?

Does Zaino really require claybaring? I've applied a total of 4 coats of Z2 without prior claybaring and the car looks fine. Thanks.


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While I am not familiar with the Meg. #9, I do use Griots Machine Polish before applying Zaino.

If Meg. #9 is an abrasive polish that you completely remove afterwards, I would see no reason why not.

The deal is, Zaino is not compatible with products like 3M Imperial Hand Glaze because it is a filler that gets left on the paint and Zaino cannot bond. I have used the Griots Machine Polish on my wifes Z3 and my Dads F250 and Zaino worked fine.

As for Claybar, it is not necessary. But it really is great stuff. I was amazed what it got off my car and it was only a couple of months old. You should have seen the Clay after we did my Dad's truck. Unreal. Makes the surface nice and smooth and really does a good job.
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