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Menudo for Andy

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I am prepared to take one for this, and I appologize in advance, but as I was cruising CL San Diego, I couldn't help but open this ad.
It made me think fondly of Andy...

I am always looking for 535's, which is why I'm searching '89-92 aisle.
The "E30 Touring" caught my eye, as I have not seen that many advertized.

Anyway, as we all appreciate BMW Beauty, this certainly is a GREAT example.

I could certainly be a whore for this one...

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That is a great looking car. The price is with out a doubt out of the question. I think he's hoping to still make profit lol
I thought it was a great example of BMW style.

A touring may be in my future.
I have read that the touring handle better than the sedans, due to certain weight distribution.
That was learned in the E39 page.
Not sure about the E34.

wish i saw that when i bought my Z.
the fact its a 316i is VERY interesting, i have NEVER heard of an M40 powered E30 touring. it has the 6 cylinder check panel too which never came on the 4cyclinder E30s, i suspect the original M20B20 or M20b25 blew up and was replaced. all the same id like to know the chassis number of that if one of you with a craiglist account doesnt mind asking id like to verify it! Has a lot of E30 goodies on that too, though if i was in the USA, id be offering around $9US for that. 20 is very optimistic. goodies worth a lot though for example:

tech 2 steering wheel $500US
MTech 2 4 door kit, if genuine $2500
UBER rare MTECHNIK front grill badge = priceless, they simply DO NOT come up for sale ever.
and ive never seen nor heard of mtechnik door handles either i suspect they are knockoffs, if genuine they would be worth a mint

and then obviously the premium for heated leather recaros, being a touring etc. the headlight washer jets wont be functional though, they are 90 degrees the wrong way, here is a picture of my current E30 316i, is how they should be when they are parked.

Nice pic, Andy.

Great commentary as well.

I like your car, especially with that background.
BMW's lend themselves to marina's VERY well.


The Tripester
cheers, just the daily driver, nothing really special about that car really, is a thread in my signature if you care to read about it. Right hand drive too :D
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