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Michigan Spring Detailing, Got to Love it.

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April 23 and 24 was a friendly reminder that I live in Michigan.

After detailing the car with Klasse AIO and SG to begin the Spring cleaning, mother nature had to pull this little prank. :(

Oh well... :)


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bahaahhhaahaha :rofl: You should know it always snows one last time in April befor summer is here. I waited. I think I might take off Friday and start the big job(dawn,clay,1Z,Klasse twins and carnuba in a few days after 3 coats of SG). :thumbup:

BTW, is that the Apt. complex north of Pfizer off of Nixon? And is that a "SLOHIO" plate on your car?
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wheel-man said:
Yep... right off Nixon. Good call. And yep on the plates as well. Have it insured there for mega cost reasons. Where are you off of?

Going to wait till a little later in May to rewax the car. But it looked good for a little bit.
I had 2 friends live there, and I thought it looked familiar.

I live in Ypsi township, about 2 miles south of 94 off of Whitaker(exit 183), In one of the Pulte subs. I use Ann Arbor in my profile, because nobody knows where Ypsilanti is, or how to say it for that matter.

If you ever need a garage or access to a Porter Cable orbital, just shoot me a PM.

BTW, I was in LA when the snow hit here. :bigpimp:
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