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Hi again I have pulled my MID radio out of my 1998 e38 740il
and now I want to power it up on my table to see if all my pixels
are working I do not have a plug to use to plug it into
the MID unit the connector (receptacle) 12 pins if someone
can help me it would be appreciated very much Thanks

Sorry ment MID

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Should be able to put a jumper on pins one (ground) and two (power) to fire it up.

A103 Multi-information display (MID)
Connector overview
Number X-pin, color Description
X10119 12 -pin, Black Connector Multi-information display (MID)
Pin assignments at connector X10119
Pin Type Description / Signal type Connection /
Measuring notes
1 M Ground Ground splice

2 E Terminal 30 voltage supply Fuse F27

3 E Terminal 58 illumination Interior lights splice

4 E/A I-bus signal line I-bus splice

5 Not used

6 Not used

7 Not used

8 E Voltage supply terminal R Fuse F47

9 Not used

10 Not used

11 Not used

12 Not used
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