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Miles per litre or Gallon on a 760

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I worked it out when I was driving back from Spain I'm getting about 120 miles per 1/4 (quarter) tank and that was doing around 100-110mph (160-177kph) constantly only slowing down for the tolls giving me 480 miles on a full tank.
I don't think that's too bad for a 6.0 litre 4 passengers, boot totally packed, air con at max and DVD system in rear being viewed with in car cooler box on.
My journey to Callosa d'en Sarrio was around 1300 miles (2092 kilometres) and I only used whilst on holiday for 2 weeks 7 full tanks of petrol which is the 88 litre tank and that's driving around in Spain also.
I'm pretty proud of my car and impressed with the fuel consumption can't work out the mpg but i don't think she drunk that much.