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Min front rotor thickness 2006 325xi

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I have searched the front rotor - wire brushed, scrubbed with degreaser, and cannot find the spec imprinted anywhere. Can someone tell me what it is. BTW, the rear Min rotor thickness is plainly visible.
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Some searching about shows 22.4 as the minimum thickness on your rotors.

I've got 61,000 mi. and the fronts measure 23.0. I've got some miles left in them.
But if you are replacing your brake pads, I would recommend also replacing the rotors. You are very close to the minimum thickness.

I've read in other threads that 1.6mm is the BMW nominal standard for rotor wear from new to worn out. This would indicate that I have about 37% rotor life left. Any thoughts?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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