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Hi everyone

I have been having some success in coding my F54 2016 Clubman.

With some research and experimentation I have managed to code my car to always start in Green mode, and then I can change to Mid or Sport.

I used a base coding for an i3, with then a guess that worked.

Thanks to millsys for this post to start with.

3221 PfFesMaster
03 = Comfort
07 = Eco Pro
08 = Eco Pro +

For a mini, it is the same except you need to change the current Werte from 03 (mid) to 07 (Green).

Not sure what (or if) 08 does anything, and tempted, but have not tried, 00, 01 or 02 for Sport.

UPDATE: I tried 00, 01 and 02 which did nothing alas, therefore I cannot find a Sport default solution.

Also a couple of questions to you all.\

I have also tried to code the rear tail lights to go on with the running lights, but the selection appears to be different for a F54 than F55/6

the coding for a F55/6 is

3062 - MAPPING_TAGFAHRL_H_L_OUTPUT = sl_l etc left and right

For the clubman I can only find
3062 - MAPPING _TAGFAHRL_1_V_L_OUTPUT = sl_l etc left and right

Any idea if this is correct???

Above was not correct, but found this, again for an i3

3064 ***8594; MAPPING_TAGFAHRL_1_H_L_OUTPUT ***8594; sl_l
3064 ***8594; MAPPING_TAGFAHRL_1_H_R_OUTPUT ***8594; sl_r
3065 ***8594; MAPPING_TAGFAHRL_2_H_L_OUTPUT ***8594; sl_2_l
3065 ***8594; MAPPING_TAGFAHRL_2_H_R_OUTPUT ***8594; sl_2_r


Does anyone know where I can find the equivalent of

ICM - 3000 - C_Abstandsstufe_init

This is the level of following distance for active cruise control for a BMW. I can't find this for my F54 anywhere (and I do have active CC).

Does anyone know how to get the equalizer to show up on iDrive? I have the Harman Kardon stereo with separate amp.

Also I have added temperature measurement to my TPM tire pressure monitor, and it now asks to be reset everytime I start the car. Not sure if that is coincidence or not.....

I need to check my tires I suppose.

UPDATE: Tires just needed pumped up. Very low from dealer when new 1.9bar, now all 2.4 bar. I cant find the recommended pressure anywhere in the manual or on the car

Also activated the Active Sound Design. I have an SD, so not sure I this will work, or if mu diesel will sound like a JCW petrol!!!

I'll pay with the options and see what it does.

UPDATE: ASD did nothing as suspected, being diesel

Thanks always to Shawn for starting me off.
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