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Mmmm, carnauba -updated with pics-

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It's time to give Barney the ultimate carnauba treatment.


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Looks very nice Alex. :thumbup:

Pinnacle Souveran $60 / P21S $30
BahnBaum said: is running a special on Pinnacle Souveran: $49.95 + a 15% discount on all purchases until middle of September.

Thanks, I have a half a container of the P21s left that will get me through until middle of next summer. The Souveran is nice stuff but according to my wife I have spent all my allotted money for detailing products for the year. :(
DDB said:
Here's a better one:

P21S Concours Look Carnauba Wax: $30.
S100 Carnauba Wax: $15.

Same exact stuff, and S100 is easily available at any Harley Davidson shop.
Right have been trying to find exactlty what the differance betwwen the P21S and the S100 is. Anyone have a informed answer on this. I'm kind of far away from a Harley shop so the gas and drive wouldn't be worth the 15 dollars savings.

CMA does sell the stuff online.
DDB said:
I've done a lot of Internet research on this issue, and have found no conclusive evidence that they are or are not the same product. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence from folks who have used both products which suggests that the products are indeed identical.

Perhaps a phone call to P21S could clear up the issue, but I've been too lazy to do that.

A 15 dollar difference in price is strange. Either there is a difference or they are seriously ripping off people who buy their wax marketed to car owners.
1 - 4 of 49 Posts
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