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Mmmm, carnauba -updated with pics-

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It's time to give Barney the ultimate carnauba treatment.


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I'll definitely post pictures. I have read/heard very good things on Pinnacle. The photos I've seen so far rocked. It's supposed to be one of the best (if not the best) carnauba waxes on the market.

The application and removal is supposed to be very easy too. Goes on and off like butter. We'll see.

It smells great too :)
So, here are the results. I'm very impressed with Souveran. The easiest and painless waxing experience I've had till yet. Wax on, wax off. I've waxed and buffed off the car in 15 minutes.

One word : It glows, I've used Zaino, I've used Meguiar's NXT and so on, but I've never seen such a deep wet look.

Now on to the pictures.


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One more


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Hi Alex,

Yes, the photos don't justice the real thing. You should see it in person. Apply very thin coats, it's a little difficult to see how much product you are applying, but try to apply very thin.

You don't need to wait it to fully haze, just wax on and buff off with a MF towel. Shake the towel to shed the dried wax on towel.

You'll be amazed :)
Dr. Phil said:
:wow: :str8pimpi :banana: :smokin: :bow:

I have to admit, other then delivery pics, these are the best I have seen Barney looking :thumbup: Is that stuff expensive and where did you get it?????
Thank You ! :D

Yeah, the stuff is a little expensive, but one jar is good for 15-20 applications. I've got it through someone who got it from the USA for me. It costs $59.95 :eeps:
JetBlack330i said:
Can admins prevent one user from seeing a specific thread?
I have alee in mind... :eeps:

Edit: Diam, alee is the admin. :mad:
wag-zhp said:
Wow, that does look very nice! Are you serious, only 15 minutes to wax and polish the whole car? Very impressive! I may have to give this product a try. :thumbup:
Yup, only 15 minutes. No wait time, as I've written above, just wax on and buff. :thumbup:
atyclb said:
I have some in the garage I haven't gotten around to using :eek:

so how did you apply? did you pop the wax out of the container and wipe it onto a foam pad?
Yes, just used the foam pad that came with it. Thin coats, as if you are applying Zaino.

Give it a try, that stuff is impressive :)
atyclb said:
what prep did you give barney before the waxing?

did you clay and/or polish? or just wash and wax?

looks great :bow:
No prep at all :eek: The paint was already in good condition, it spent the whole winter in the garage, seen rarely rain. :eeps:

I'll put another coat tomorrow.
robg said:

Curious- have you tried p21S carnauba? If so, what did you think? Its still my favorite-- easy to apply and remove, and a great shine.
Rob, P21S is my next project. I've ordered a jar, supposed to be here sometime this week. I've read very good reviews about it. The price is good too.
JetBlack330i said:
Order placed. :thumbup:
Looking awesome ! I can see the gloss right from here. Good job :thumbup:
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