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Mmmm, carnauba -updated with pics-

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It's time to give Barney the ultimate carnauba treatment.


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Holy smokes. :bow:
That's it. I'm ordering some.
Can admins prevent one user from seeing a specific thread?
I have alee in mind... :eeps:

Edit: Diam, alee is the admin. :mad:
BahnBaum said: is running a special on Pinnacle Souveran: $49.95 + a 15% discount on all purchases until middle of September.

I can't find any reference to the 15% discount on their ordering site. A link please...
(cheapest shipping is $7.95 :wow: )
Order placed. :thumbup:
My turn to show off my car. :angel:
First I washed and clayed the car. Then I applied first layer of Zaino (Z-2).


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24 hours later, I applied a second layer of Zaino (Z-5).


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Another 24 hours passed and I applied Pinnacle Souveran on half of the car.
In person, one could easily see the line running across from hood to roof to trunk. You still can sort of see it in the last picture. This shows how pictures don't do justice to the real thing. In real life, the black from Pinnacle is much deeper and wet looking than the one from Zaino.


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Another couple of days and I have the entire car with 2 layers of Pinnacle over 2 layers of Zaino.

To further my point that picture can't capture the real thing, I played with the last picture by changing contrast and brightness.
I can basically make it look anyway I want... :angel:


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atyclb said:
post-processing the pics kinda negates their value, doesn't it?

My point is exactly that pictures have no value at all for wax show off purposes. :p
However, I tried to do it fair and square and somewhat scientifically.
All picture were taken at around the same time of the day (~6pm).
All picture were taken with the AUTO setting in the camera.
All pictures were converted to jpg and resized in software and post processed with the Auto option in the software.
The last one was the only one manually processed, for artistic effect.
The actual look is somewhere in between the last 2 pictures.
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