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I was driving along in my Tesla Model 3 in the OC area. Went on this onramp around the 405 & 55 freeway to get on the 55 south to Newport Beach.

And all the sudden, I see a fully modded smoke grey M3 and two modded out Porsches behind me going pretty fast. It was a two lane merging into a one lane road, I was driving normal speed, and these guys were driving as fast as they could to beat me to the merge point.

Thankfully, they seem experienced enough to know how to drive their cars so I didn't have take any extreme measures to yield to them. I just kept my speed consistent and moved a little to the right, and they seemed to pass me without a problem. But if my mom was in the car, she be super scared seeing those super loud modded cars roar pass.

They definitely seemed like car people. The M3 was newer with obvious mods. But the two Porsches seem like older models from the late 90s, but they had very barebone race car interior with no ammenities and a huge spoiler.

Those Porsches were super bad ass, and probably a huge cop magnet. I'm sure cops hate them, their exhausts were super loud like a huge explosion.

It seem like 3 car guys who were buddies and were trying to show each other off like they were playing Need For Speed. After they passed me, I accelerated to them in my Tesla Model 3 and was able to catch up to them. But I was amazed my Tesla was able to catch up to two highly modded Porsches, and they gave me a nod.
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