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Model S out sells BMW in luxury sedan market - Where is BMW's answer to Tesla?

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telsa out sells luxury brands

In a recent investor call Tesla proudly announced that it had trumped BMW and their German cohorts in luxury sedan sales for 2015. BMW 7 Series sales peaked at 9,292 units, while Tesla moved an impressive 25,202 units. Their surge in sales, up almost 10,000 from 2014 makes them the best selling luxury sedan in America.

Former BMW Exec Bob Lutz says Tesla is Doomed

tesla sales chart

For a company founded only 13 years ago, staring with a clean slate concept and minimal fund, they've pulled off what most considered impossible. With the sales of Tesla continuing to rise as the Model X goes on sale in volume for 2016 and the Model III coming soon what is BMW's answer? If the BMW flagship 7 Series is bleeding sales to Tesla, what is going to happen to X5 and 3 Series sales in the future?

Has BMW and the Germans lost their mojo, is Telsa changing the game, or is there something else that explains these sales numbers?
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